KIM HUNTER Kim made her Broadway debut as Stella in A Streetcar Named Desire, for which she won both Donaldson and Critics' Awards. She later won an Academy Award, Look Magazine Award, and Golden Globe for her performance in the film version. Other film credits include Stairway to Heaven, Lilith, The Swimmer, The Kindred, and Two Evil Eyes. Ms. Hunter also starred in three of the highly successful Planet of the Apes quintet, in which she played the chimpanzee psychiatrist, Dr. Zira. Most recently, she has performed in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and A Price Above Rubies. Still to be released are The Hiding Place, Abilene, and The Virtuoso. She also completed a TV movie entitled Blue Moon. Ms. Hunter has appeared on hundreds of television shows from the early days of live TV to the present, and was nominated for Emmy Awards for her performances on Baretta, and Edge of Night. In recent years, she has appeared on Murder, She Wrote, All My Children, Mad About You, LA Law, As the World Turns, and Movies-of-the-Week. Her numerous Broadway appearances include starring roles in Darkness at Noon, The Tender Trap, Write Me A Murder, Weekend, To Grandmother's House We Go, and revivals of The Children's Hour and The Women. Her most recent Broadway performance was as Lady Markby in An Ideal Husband. Regional theatre productions claim most of her time, some of her favorites being The Belle of Amherst, The Lion in Winter, The Cherry Orchard, Suddenly Last Summer, Death of a Salesman, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, for which she won Florida's Carbonnell Award, and Love Letters, which she's performed with her husband, Bob Emmett. Off-Broadway has claimed her, too, for When We Dead Awaken, Territorial Rites, Faulkner's Bicycle, Man and Superman, A Murder of Crows, and The Eye of the Beholder. Lately she has starred in Driving Miss Daisy, All the Way Home, and The Gin Game. Ms. Hunter is also the author of an auto-biographical cookbook, Loose in the Kitchen.

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