JAMES McDOWELL (Composer) Originally from Denver, Colorado, James McDowell has been actively involved in the field of music in many capacities, from composer/lyricist, to producer/arranger, and sound engineer. His musical score for The Wind in the Willows (written with wife/collaborator Dianne Adams and adapter/co-lyricist Gerardine Clark) was winner of 3 ASCAP awards following its New York City premiere at The New Victory theater. James began music studies on trumpet, and later developed an interest in the guitar. He soon branched into arranging and composition, working in a variety of mediums from chamber-music groups to jazz orchestras. As composer and arranger, he created music for Shakespeare's The Tempest and in collaboration with librettist/director, Jon Walter, he completed scores for 5 dramatic works. One of the works, their musical fairy tale, Rapunzel and the Dragons, led James to New York City for an Off-Broadway production at the Actor's Playhouse, for which he served as musical director / conductor.While residing in Manhattan, James played trumpet and guitar as a pit musician, both on and off Broadway. He also co-owned Night Owl Studios where he served as writer/arranger producer and studio musician on projects ranging from jingles to jazz ensembles and PBS specials. He co-founded the Adams/McDowell Ensemble, an original music group, with Dianne Adams. Together they composed and produced the single "Santa Fe", which became the theme song for the City's Fiesta Days. They also arranged and produced numerous original cast recordings, including author Bruce Coville's The Dragonslayers, The Wind in the Willows and the Tony-nominated Broadway musical Starmites. Current Adams & McDowell projects include publication of a Jazz Eucharist, and a Gospel Mass. An accomplished woodworker and patented inventor, James now lives with his wife and 2 sons, in their upstate New York home.

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