ALISON SINCLAIR (Translator) Alison Sinclair has worked as a theatre director and translator since 1989. After graduating from the University of York, where she studied English Literature, and ARTTS International, an international theatre, film and television school in England, where she studied directing, Alison was invited to Romania to work with the renowned theatre director Silviu Purcarete as Director of Chorus and also Dramaturg. She worked extensively with three National Theatre companies touring productions to many international festivals as well as directing her own adaptation of Kafka's The Trial and working with Andrei Serban at the National Theatre Bucharest and the Edinburgh International Festival. During the five years she worked in Romania, Alison became fluent in Romanian and acted as a company translator whilst on tour. It was in Romania that Alison was introduced to Matei Visniec and his work and was surprised to find that, despite being an established playwright abroad, his work was unknown in England. In a bid to change this, she began translating his plays! She translated Horses at the Window and presented a reading of her translation at The Riverside Studios, London in 1994. Alison then translated Engaging a Clown (Old Clown Wanted) in 1997 and The Body of a Woman as a battlefield in the Bosnian war in 1999 and workshopped both translations at the Royal National Theatre Studio, London in 1999. In 2000, Alison directed The Body of a Woman with her own theatre company, Reality Productions, at the Young Vic Studio, London. Alison now lives in Portsmouth, England and has recently had her first baby. She recently directed Hedda Gabler and is currently working towards a production of Romeo and Juliet in the autumn.

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