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A World Premiere

Written by Wendy Yondorf

Directed by Karen Carpenter


Ames Adamson
Catherine LeFrere

set design by Jessica Parks
lighting design by Jill Nagle
sound design by Merek Royce Press
costume design by Patricia E. Doherty
properties by Jessica Parks
technical director, Michael "Rusty" Carroll
stage manager, Jennifer Tardibuono

Many a parent succumbs to hysteria when it comes time to get their children into the best schools. Howard Everett is no exception, but he has a leg up being one of the wealthiest donors to the elite Giddings University. What he did not anticipate, however, was that he was about to meet the admissions officer from hell, who goes by the book. With his child's future at stake, just how far will Everett go to secure a place for his off-spring at the table where the American Dream is being carved up and served?