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A Benefit for NJ Rep's West End Arts Center
(132 West End Ave, Long Branch)

A week-long arts festival featuring a poetry night, live music night, photography and art gallery opening, and Theatre Brut™- an exciting rotation of 28 short plays. Come out to enjoy food, fun, and support the arts. Ticket prices vary per date and performance.


The event of the season!

October 1 – October 8, 2017






Gallery Show
Artists Represented Include:

Jimmy Leslie, Amy Faris, Mary Phillips, Kate Wilt, Lizzi Schippert, Sven Widen, Janelle Wilson, Mare Akana, Lori Lee Sperling, Suzanne Osterweil Weber, Nicole Hymowitz

Photography Exhibit
Prominent photographer Andrea Phox will exhibit her work Shine:100.  An exhibit of 100 extraordinary women who have made a difference in Long Branch.

Plus Live Music, Poetry, Food & Spirits

Play Schedule:
Session 1 – Sunday, October 1 at 2pm Session 2 - Sunday, October 1 at 8pm

Love is a Train by R.N. Sandberg; Composer, Patrick Barnes. AMOR ES UN TREN! Love! Jealousy! Scenery chewing! And dancing the meringue. The story of two sisters, two women, Once your ticket is punched, your heart is on the tracks.

The Naming by Constance Marse. What would you call things if you had to start from the very beginning? From scratch? In a fresh take on the original boy-meets- girl story, the first couple get into a whopper of a disagreement over the naming of things.

Breaking in the New Boss by Gino DiIorio. Evelyn is leaving her position as foreperson for a paper cup factory.  She tries to school Edgar, her replacement, about what his job will entail and good leadership practices but he is not really willing to hear it from her.  Almost, but not quite.  A bleak post-trumpian story of a smart compassionate and capable person being replaced by a xenophobic and shortsighted one.

Blood Sausage by John Biguenet. An old Cajun woman recounts how she freed herself of an abusive husband and evened the score with his mistress.

This Year's Model by Donna Hoke. In the future when husbands and wives can be ordered in a catalogue, Amana is at a loss when planned obsolescence doesn't go exactly as planned.

Deliver Us by Ian August. Melanie is about to give birth, but she isn't sure she's ready to have this baby. After all—who knows what kind of child her daughter will be? But no one could prepare Melanie for the child she delivers—a full-grown teenager with cute shoes and an attitude problem!

Ful Nabit by J. Thalia Cunningham. Early morning at the Musée d'Orsay in Paris, a Syrian refugee working as a cleaning woman enters the gallery where Whistler's Mother is hung. She begins praying, startling Whistler's Mother, who descends from her frame to learn more about this woman, whose real motivation for working at the museum exceeds mere janitorial duties.

How My Grandparents Fell in Love by Cary Gitter. In 1933, Charlie, a Polish Jew who has immigrated to America, returns to the Old Country in search of a wife—and then he meets Chava in a hat shop, and decides she is the one for him. However, Chava is very opinionated woman who has her own ideas of what she wants for her future, and Charlie isn't a part of that.

Session 3 - Friday, October 6 at 8pm Session 4 – Saturday, October 7 at 2pm

Stepping into Fire (musical) by Jonathan Brielle and Tom Coash. Set on a high wire practice platform, a tightrope walker confronts her fears and tries to regain her balance on the wire two days after the tragic death of her partner- husband. If she is to emulate her heroes and continue to work the high wire, she must take that first step back onto the wire.

Eve in the Hot Seat by Brian Richard Mori. Two hard- nosed, tough-as- nails ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) Agents capture and interrogate Eve as she tries to illegally sneak back into the Garden of Eden.

Australia's Oldest Woman by Kieran Carroll. Katya, 124- years-old and living on her own while her butler, Randall is away, is obsessed with online dating, nightclubs, past nocturnal adventures, and a variety of other topics, including her dietary habits. Upon Randall's return, he confronts a very different woman from the one he left behind.

After You by Lee Blessing. What seems at first, to be a young, attractive couple sitting on a terrace, drinking wine as they watch the sunset, is not what it appears. The time is not the present, but rather, the future.  And as the dinner progresses, we discover a few other things about this futuristic society.

The Conversation by Wendie Malick. A look at the assumptions we make about ourselves and each other. We have this strange notion that by a certain age, we will have pretty much figured life out. The truth is we are all "works in progress," and a necessary part of our evolution may require radically upsetting the status quo.

Her Place in the World by D.W. Gregory. Adam's immortal, diabolical first wife, Lilith, makes her appearance again, wreaking havoc among his descendants, now atoning for their sins in Juniata County, Pennsylvania.

The Outside Edge of a Full Circle by Matthew Harrington. Is Jesus from Wolverhampton?  James and his wife ponder this question, among others, after he returns from an early morning stroll where-in he had an unusual encounter with a naked man named Jesus.

Something About Eve by Lynne Halliday. A young man decides to buy some perfume for his fiancé, but what should be a simple business transaction becomes more of an interrogation, when an attractive saleswoman probes into his personal life and turns him upside down.

Session 5 – Saturday, October 7 at 8pm Session 6 – Sunday, October 8 at 2pm

(miss) Mary Edwards by Elaine Smith. The evolution of the species in bits and bytes.  When the future meets the past, history, logic, and the laws of robotics prompt a changing of the guard.

Snake Eggs by Lauren Waters. Eve awakes from a strange dream fearing that her life is spinning out of her control. With the help of an eccentric stranger toting a Mary- Poppins-esque bag, she must choose between a life of safety and routine, and a life of freedom and being true to her heart.

Barroom Sonata by Jack Canfora. On a lonely Christmas Eve in a dingy bar a retired attorney strikes up a conversation with the new bartender, who happens to be a law school student. Whether it's the common connection, the bourbon, or the loneliness of the evening, the two quickly glean much about each other. Is this a casual conversation, or a life altering one?

New York City Girls Will Kill You by Graham Techler. Amy, Jessica, Christina, and Karen are going out! At a themed club night in Manhattan, they find themselves questioning their costumes, their dates, and, most importantly, tonight's theme, and what it means for them. A 20-something Sex in the City.

Pittsburgh by Michael Tucker. A young couple's life changes when he gets a big promotion but the changes are not necessarily what they were hoping for. Pittsburgh deals with the tenuous nature of trust, the unconscious pull to play traditional male and female roles and the mystery and delicacy of love.

The Late Shift by Willow Martin. Three women condemned to work the late shift in a toy factory in Shenzhen, China, bemoan their fate. The youngest of whom arrives late because she attended a protest rally picketing against inhumane labor conditions. When she arrives, excited and enthusiastic about the prospects for change, she is confronted by their tyrannical boss, and the three band together in an act of defiance.

Eviction by Nancy Cooper Frank. A too-good- to-be- true apartment, a control-freak landlord, a sketchy super ... This is the story of the first ever eviction, as told by Eve to her daughter.

Cubs Win!!! By Marisa Smith. The Chicago Cubs finally win the World Series after 108 years … but there are some devastating consequences for the women in one Chicago book group … and one man.

Session 7 – Sunday, October 8 at 8pm

A Few Good PB&J's by Jeremy Kehoe. Laura has reached the end of her sandwich-making rope. Fresh off another sub-par sexual session with her husband, and facing the prospect of another dream-stopping day, her morning routine quickly boils into an argument with her snotty son, who thinks he's entitled to some tuna! Well, she knows that deep down in places he doesn't like to talk about, he can't handle the tuna!

Exhibit A by L.H. Grant. A man seeking shelter from the rain wanders into an art gallery. Once inside his deepest beliefs and way of life are called into question by an artist and her unusual work as they engage in a spirited duel over the nature of art and the flexibility of reality.

Performance Review by Nedra Pezold Roberts. Charlene sits down with Mr. Walters for her annual performance review. He sees the evaluation as a one-way street, but she sees it as two-way traffic.

Mountaineer by Ken Weitzman. An avid mountain climber gives an unconventional eulogy for her remarkable sister who died as a first-year college student.