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book and lyrics by Sean Hartley
music by Jihwan Kim
Alan Souza, director
Naomi Lee, musical director
Ron DeJesus, choreographer


Michael Maricondi
Ryan Reid
Pheonix Vaughn
Liz Zazzi

set design by Jessica Parks
properties by Jessica Parks
lighting design by Jill Nagle
costume design by Patricia E. Doherty
Rose Riccardi, Stage Manager

"Love is like milking a centaur. It's a dangerous game," observes Mercury in Cupid and Psyche, a fabulously funny retelling of the famous love story from Greek mythology. Set on a modernish Mount Olympus where gods participate in such daily activities as wet toga contests, fawn tossing, and centaur races; this is a comic, musical tale of forbidden love. "Is that an arrow in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?!